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    pre-flighting causes indefinite crash


      Hi there, I'm encountering two errors in an after effects project which are making rendering impossible.


      The most serious one is that rendering on particular (and critically important) comp in the project causes it to hang indefinitely.  Force-Quiting AE is the only recourse after that.  While it's frozen, the Info Pallette reads:  "Pre-flighting render items.  Render items to check: 1"


      The comp is very large, comprising abut 1000 frames and 250 layers, and dozens of nested comps, but nothing that should be impossible.


      On a related note:  A smaller comp within the project alerts me that it is missing "5850457 files necessry to render composition [comp name] are missing."


      Pressing OK causes it to render without trouble, but it does make me wonder why it's looking for over 5 million non-existant files (which is obviously far more than the total number of files referenced by the project), and whether a similar problem might be screwing up the larger project.


      Thanks in adance for any advice!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's not enough info to trouble shoot this problem. What version of AE, OS, comp settings, render settings, things like that. Asking for help without specifics kind of like going into a store and asking for some shoe polish. The first question the clerk would ask is what color are the shoes?

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            E-Dowd Level 1

            AE:  CS5, also tried in CS6, same issue.

            OS:  Mac OS 10.4

            Comp Settings: 1920x1080 23.976fps

            Render Settings:  tried various — TIFF sequence, Lossless.

            Computer:  8-core Mac Pro w/ 32GB Ram


            Curious whether anyone else has had similar issues.

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              cout dooku

              Hi, I'm having the same problem it seems regarding the large comp not rendering and getting stuck at "Pre-flighting render items.  Render items to check: 1".  Also for me, this comp seems corrupted.  I can edit everything inside the comp fine, but trying to precompose it or copy the layers into a new comp crashes AE.  Same for you?


              Did you find a solution?  I'm thinking about pre-rendering the layers inside, but would prefer to avoid doing so.  Thanks!




              Adobe CS 4;

              OS X 10.6.8

              Comp settings, 1280x630, 30fps

              render settings: pro res 422

              computer: 2 x 2.8 ghz quad core intel mac / 10GB ram

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                cout dooku Level 1

                Even if I drag this sequence around in the project chart it crashes. other sequences fine.