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    Firworks Pop Up Menus & Dreamweaver Page centering problem.


      Hi have created a little page and used the Fireworks pop-up menu facility on my navigation buttons which appeared to work fine (mind you I haven't got any links or anything in yet).... anyway I then exported it all into Dreamweaver.

      When there I wanted to centre my web page and after a bit of scratching around I found what seemed to be a neat little solution of editing the 'body' tag (see illustration link below):
      margin-left: -370px; (half the width of my page)
      position: absolute;
      left: 50%;

      ... worked a treat however it has knocked the position of my drop down menus out of whack on the 'x' axis; it was both x & y but I reset the top margin on 'body' and it resolved the y axis.

      When I try it with Firefox it appears ok?

      Is there any way to link (fix) the positions of the drop downs relative to the parent button regardless of the browser?


      PS This is the centering solution I came accross - http://www.wpdfd.com/editorial/thebox/deadcentre4.html