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    share photos crashes when used

    robertmarylin Level 1

      elements shuts down every time I use share photos

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          anotherguy65 Level 1

          Very interesting.  I see that 122 people have viewed this but no one has replied with  any help.  I guess that means my recent post on the same subject will get zero help too.  I am going on line right now to find a photo editing software that works rather than the wonderfully capable, but unusable to me, Adobe Photshop Elements 10.

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            andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee



            Please let me know the following info about this issue-


            1. OS you are seeing this issue on

            2. Version of PSE

            3. Which sharing service are you using

            4. Did you try clearing OLS cache in Edit > Preferences > Sharing > "Clear onlien service data" followed by relaunching EO