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    Best presets in PE10 for MJPG and MPEG4AVC




      I'm looking for the best presets for the following sources:

      1. 1. MJPEG from Canon cameras, 640x480, square pix, 30fps
      2. 2. H264, MPEG-4 AVC (avc1), 1280x720, square pix, 30fps


      I found a few presets but they don't match the above perfectly but I recall from previous PE versions that even when different resolution was selected (720x480) I could create output file with res 640x480 and square pixels.


      Just to clarify - I'd like to create different projects for videos 1. and 2. If possible I'd like to have one project with mixed content of 1. and 2. and output format of 2. but this is not that important - if not achievable a separate 1. and 2. are still OK.


      What will be the best output codec and format to use? I'd like to share the video on Win PC and looking for best quality/size parameter.


      Thank you in advance for any comments/hints.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements is designed to edit camcorder video almost exclusively. It generally does not work well with MJPEG video from still cameras. Although some people have managed to get it to work somewhat by installing the camera's software on their computer, which can also install the necessary codecs.


          You don't say where your second video is coming from, but if it's coming from a phone, it's also not likely to work in the program. You can try  using the project settings for Flip Mino HD camcorder. If anything will work, it will. But there are no guarantees.


          Working on this video in two different projects is highly recommended. Because of their structure, frames rates, resolutions and codecs, the program is not likely to be able to work with them both in the same project.


          As for outputting your video -- there are a number of options that would work. It depends on how you're going to use your output video: Display it online? Use it in another project? Play it on an iPod or smartphone? They all have different needs.

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            srgim Level 1

            My second video is coming from a newer version of Canon camera, it has HD support and hence different file format.

            I'm just doing some tests for the 1st scenario and selected the following: DSLR, 640x480x50, square.

            Nearly everything matches apart of FPS which is 50 in this preset and 30 in the source.

            For the output I have selected AVCHD, MP4 with H264 and customised the codec settings.

            After increasing the default bitrate I got quite nice results, getting the file size reduced I have nearly the same quality.


            1. In the past I have used XVID for such videos, is it possible in PE10?

            2. The project setting is 50fps while source and output are 30fps. Does it have influence on anything (duplicated/removed frames)?


            Regarding the output, I'd like to play it on my Windows machines and pottentially upload to youtube. My assumption is that H264 will be OK for that.


            You mentioned installing camera software, etc. I have not done so, and I don't think there is anything useful. I noticed that PE10 enabled Main Concept codec, if I remember correctly that's what I have used in the past on my WinXP machine. Anyway, WinXP had it's own codec for MJPEG but it had memory leaks - that was not the case for the Main Concept one. In the new version looks like this is included. For the second video I use CoreAVC codec and have not noticed any issues.


            One more thing which I'm not sure about - the field order. PE gives me 3 options, lower, upper, progressive. Is there any way to determine what is it in the source? Anyway, does it apply to MJPEG or H264? From what I've read online I understood it is used for interlacing but here I don't think my sources use it so do I need to care about it?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you download and install the free utiltiy, MediaInfo, and run the source files through it, you can find the Field Order in them, and set accordingly.


              The reason that Steve mentioned installing your camera's exact version of MJPEG, is that most mfgrs. tweak the MJPEG CODEC to their specs., and a generic MJPEG CODEC might not work perfectly. This ARTICLE covers that in more detail, but gives some generic MJPEG CODEC links.


              As for Xvid, few files, that contain that, or the commercially available DivX, few have ever had success editing those. Also, for Export/Share, Xvid usually crashes the program, but I Export/Share to DivX (same thing, but just not open source), with the AVI container, with great success.


              If handed Xvid, or DivX material as source, I always convert, before Import. Usually, with Xvid, or DivX source, the user gets Audio, but no Video, Audio, but bad Video, or if the get both, the Sync drifts all over the place. I just do not fight that, and convert. As a side-note, more PrE users have had limited success with Xvid/DivX, where I cannot recall any PrPro users having such success - it just never works. On my systems, both PrE and PrPro can Export/Share DivX, but both programs crash, when I try to use the open source Xvid CODEC.


              Good luck,



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                srgim Level 1

                Thanks for that - MediaInfo is really nice!


                In the past I used to work a bit woth PrE6 or 7 and was never able to get Xvid working. Instead I took output in RAW and then used VirtualDUB to encode it.

                Now I have downloaded the latest Xvid (1.3) and it seems to work with PrE10.


                What is quite weird, it looks like I get better quality with Xvid then with AVC for video 640x480. In fact the AVC encoded video is twice as big as Xvid but has worse quality.

                From what I have read it should be opposite. Can it be caused by incorrect FPS settings in the project?


                You mentioned convertion - what fromat do you convert to?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I have downloaded the latest Xvid (1.3) and it seems to work with PrE10.

                  That is good news, and is new to me. As CODEC's are changed/improved, some of the older "problem" ones, might soon work better, in certain NLE programs. Thanks for sharing that.


                  As for the use of Xvid/DivX, they are great output CODEC's, where one wants good qualtiy, for smaller, streaming video. They allow for good viewer preception of quality, but at lower Bit-Rates, hence smaller files. They both apply heavy compression, so a lot of data is "thrown away."


                  As for you question on "quality," I cannot think of why a less highly-compressed file would look worse, but again Xvid/DivX are good for streaming output - just not for re-editing.


                  As for my conversions, as most of my clients are still needing SD DVD-Video, I am just converting their Xvid/DivX material to NTSC DV-AVI w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. I use an older shareware conversion program, DigitalMedia Converter 2.7 (Deskshare). Were I doing HD material, for BD output, I would explore their newer versions of DigitalMedia Converter, and probably their "Pro" version. For intermediate HD files (files that will be re-edited), I would look to one of the lossless CODEC's, such as Lagarith Lossless, or UT. The files WILL be large, but they will be lossless, and that would be the importance to me. This ARTICLE goes into more detail. Note: those NTSC DV-AVI files are very large already - about 13GB/hour, so file size, if I am going to re-edit, is not a concern for me. I am trying to mainitain ultimate quality, and then will Export/Share to what is needed.


                  On a side-note, I have filed Feature Requests to have a Custom Preset added to PrE, like PrPro has. That allows one to fine-tune the Project Preset for off-standard Source Files. So far, the best that we have gotten is more Presets, but that still leaves a lot of stuff to "fall through the cracks." I also have no idea how much it would cost to implement that Custom Preset into PrE, and I know that Adobe has a price-point to hit, with the program. Also, one should not expect PrE to have all the "bells and whistles," that a $700 PrPro has - it just is not going to happen. I also do not know how much we can expect to "trickle down" from PrPro, as it has different coding, than PrE has. Some things might just "plug in," but others might require major re-coding, and that does cost money.


                  Maybe PrE 11 (probably to be released in Autumn?) will have the 640 x 480 PAR = 1.0 (square pixels) Preset, with enough FPS to handle more of that material. We are seeing a lot more from camera mfgrs. and usually from still cameras, that also shoot video. While a Custom Preset woudl be ideal, the addition of the right Project Presets is a good second-place - so long as those fit what YOU want to use. [That "YOU," is reflective of ANY particular user, and NOT you personally.]


                  Good luck, and thanks for the info on the latest Xvid and PrE 10. That is good to know. I wonder if that will translate to DivX too? I have Imported and edited DivX material in CyberLink's PowerDirector, and also Magix MovieEdit Pro, but would rather use Premiere, so I just convert, rather than use another NLE.



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                    srgim Level 1

                    I was exploring the preset issue more and more and was looking for a way to modify the existing presets to match my sources.

                    I have found that presets are stored in: \Adobe PE 10\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\Settings\SequencePresets\


                    The preset files are saved in XML format. Analysing the files I have found the following section:













                    Other parts of the file are not really relevant, most of them are comments and description.

                    The above example is for 640x480p50

                    I couldn't find relation between videoframrate value and fps so I went ahead and checked other profile files.

                    Found out the following:



                    PALDSLR640x48050505 080 320 000

                    1280x7202423,97610 594 584 000

                    1280x720242410 584 000 000

                    1280x72050505 080 320 000

                    1920x1080p2423,97610 594 584 000

                    1920x1080p252510 160 640 000



                    This was still not meaningful but I noticed the higher fps the lower value we get.

                    On top of that 10 160 640 000 divided by 5 080 320 000 gives exactly 2 which is the same as 50fps divided by 25 fps (corresponding fps values)

                    I was wondering what will we have for 1 fps (or 1 sec) - so 50 x 5 080 320 000 = 254016000000

                    The same for 25 x 10 160 640 000 = 254 016 000 000


                    So what is that magic number?


                    I have found the following post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/445538



                    Adobe Employee

                    09-Dec-2010 09:28   in reply to dcp28




                    XMP stores time values in a unit called "ticks". The conversion factor is 254,016,000,000,000 per second. This value was chosen so that we could have integer representations of all times in all of the common frame rates.





                    Now having this knowledge I have made a copy of one of the presets and modified the video frame rate value to match my 30 fps.

                    I have divided the magic number by 30 and got the following: 8 467 200 000

                    I made a new project with this preset, it seems PrE recognised it correctly and now my project is set to 30fps.

                    I'm going to test and compare the results what if I do the same project with 60fps.





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                      srgim Level 1

                      After doing more tests I can now confirm that those "tweaked" profiles work perfectly and I have the tailored settings working very nice. Hopefully this can help others who have the same issue