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    Future support on Smart TVs


      I have been trying to do some research on which AIR runtimes are supported on which TV platforms and there seems to be a lack of information (in particular a big gap with no updates on Adobe's Devnet since Jan this year)

      I'm wondering if the AIR runtime will still be installed on future models of Samsung and LG TVs or whether the lack of info available is pointing to a change of heart by either Adobe or the manufacturers to continue supporting AIR on TV?



      Could anyone help shed any light on this..?

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          NoriSte_ Level 1

          A link on my blog



          As I said to another user on the comments of the post: now the common AIR version pre-installed on TVs is the 2.5.

          AIR 3.0 is now available on the 2012 LG devices and will be available on the (latter) 2012 Samsung ones.

          From the next year all the TVs will have AIR 3.0


          Hope to helped you

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            seanClusta Level 1

            Thanks for sharing your research and dev process NoriSte, an interesting read and veryuseful.


            I had read that AIR 3.0 was going to be included on 2012 Samsung models, AIR with GPU support would obviously be a great platform to build apps for TV on but I'm just a bit worried by the lack of support/inspiration that Adobe is currently showing for this. I hope it's just because the uptake of Smart TVs is slow at the moment but surely there should be a bit more info readily available if Adobe were really comitting to support this for the future..?


            Oh well, I suppose it's up to the community to work it out for themselves and support each other like you pointed out in your blog.


            Thanks again


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              NoriSte_ Level 1

              The Adobe's approach is a bit strange...

              As obvious they're puching a lot HTML5, nothing strange because Adobe isn't interested in the technology used, they produce the best software for design and dev. They're investing a lot in Flash in the multiplatform ecosystem (the only one when Flash has a sense and in this world it's the best framework) but they don't say it.


              About the lack of inspiration: I don't know how is your work, with these possibilities we don't need lot of examples (in Creeo Studio http://multi.creeostudio.it, http://www.creeostudio.it) we only need to know that the Adobe's technologies are the best (and they are).

              It's too expensive for Adobe to invest in inspirations but... but they partner lot of contests and they help agencies/developers to share their work, this is the best (anche the most useful) inspirations for us

              So I'm not totally agree but say me: which kind of inspiration do you need? What do you want to do with the Flash Platform? It's nice to speak about it with someo others

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                seanClusta Level 1

                I would love to start building GPU accelerated apps for the smart TV platforms as we currently do for mobile (which I'm very pleased with Adobe for, they have done a great job of making the AIR SDK compile to the different targets - especially iOS which must have been some engineering challenge!)


                My worry is - as much as i would like to have one anyway, these Smart TVs from LG/Samsung are still very expensive, and I would like a little more assurance that if I buy one for £2000 and invest my time learning the SDK and deployment process that this time and money won't be wasted in the long-run.


                Maybe inspiration is the wrong word, I'm not seeking tutorials or examples, but it would inspire more confidence in Adobe's backing for the platform if, for example, an Adobe employee would go into this  forum and reply to one of these posts (I know you didn't have much luck getting a response from them either) - It just seems to me that Adobe has 'gone dark' on this whole subject of AIR for TV over the last 6-12 months.


                I really hope it's just me being paranoid and it's just because there hasn't been any news on the subject for Adobe to share with us..?


                Great work by the way, it really is inspiring to see a top quality application working across so many different screens. Let's hope that it's the first of many...

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                  NoriSte_ Level 1

                  Hi Sean

                  Perfectly understood.

                  If you want the assurance that you won't throw your money and time wait at least one year.

                  The technology is at a very early stage, consider that I'd bought the Samsung on February.... throwing my money because three months ago I'd bought the LG......

                  The LG is the first with a decent hardware but I'm sure in the next two years the TVs are going to become very powerful so the actual devices are going to become soon a kind of TV-dinosaurs...



                  For Adobe... yes, the Flash/TV subject is temporary "not so pushed"... but I think they'll update us soon about this subject...



                  Thanks for all, follow me on Twitter if you want to stay tuned with our progresses (the 90% of my tweets are in english)