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    Annoying bounding border on shapes.


      Hi Everyone!


      I'm just guns blazing in Photoshop CS6 and enjoying every feature of it, but I have this on issue that I think Adobe has overlooked.


      In previous Photoshop when you create a shape and open the "Blending Options" window your shape would look like this (if you have the "shape" deselected in the layers palette.


      Example 1.:



      But now in Photoshop CS6 I don't have the option to do so, I'm stuck with this shape bounding border, and it's a real pain when doing website mockups or other things for that matter.


      Example 2.:



      Example 3.:




      As you can see above if I wanted to add a 1 pixel inner shadow to work as a highlight, I can't see a proper preview of it. Unless I hit ok and deselect the shape.


      I hope anything of this makes sense. I checked the prefererence, but couldn't find anything. How can I report this to Adobe, so they can fix it for their next patch.