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    Build is finally done--hard drive left

    notex235 Level 1

      I will be using Adobe Premiere CS6 and AE CS6 with Resolve 9 later

      my cameras are the GH2 (soon GH3) and soon the blackmagic cinema


      my current build is

      Corsair 650d

      i7 3930k will oc to 4.2 GHz

      Corsair H100 with cougar vortex fans

      Gigabyte X79 UD5

      64gb of DDR3 at 1333

      Geforce 560ti---thinking about upgrading this to 670


      and these are my current disks,

      Crucial M4 256gb

      3x WD Caviar Black

      2x Seagate 3TB hdds (all 7200)


      im thinking i should use the m4 as the boot/program drive

      set the caviar black in raid 5 via software

      and use raid 1 for the seagate?


      I could add one more caviar black and do raid 5 or 0 on those 4 and

      could add 1-2 more 3tb for either raid 5 or 1


      what would you guys recommend?

      thank you very much