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    Working with video and photos in Premiere Pro CS6


      Hi Folks.


      I am a LONG TIME Adobe Premiere 5 user.  NOT CS5, Adobe Premeire 5!!  Yes, from the 1990's!!  Recently I went back to college and taking advantage of the educational store, I treated myself to Adobe Master Collection CS6.  I LOVE IT!!!


      I'm just back from holidays where I snapped loads of photos at 14Mpx and video at 720p HiDef on my camera.  I now want to compile a holiday video of my photos and videos telling the story of my holiday.  I always do this and in Adobe Premeire 5 I had it nailed down.  This is my first big outing with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and while I'm making some good headway with it, there are so many differences that I have a few questions...



      My movie is being made at the resolution of my video footage, 1280 x 720.  My photos are MUCH bigger then this.  When I place a photo on the timeline, because it's much bigger then the video resolution I have to right click on it on the timeline and select Scale To Fit Screen or whatever the option is.  This works great as the whole photo then shrinks down to fit within the video resolution.  But it's a pain as I have LOADS of photos!!  Is there a way to make photos default to fitting on the video resolution when I place them on the timeline?  I don't want to resize them in Photoshop to fit the resolution as I plan to move and zoom into the photos as part of the video so I want to keep them at their 14Mpx size.



      When I place a photo and a video side by side in the timeline, why can't I place a Cross Disolve transition overlapping the two of them?  The transition just overlaps the video start/end depending on where it is.  If I put two photos side by side, the transition will overlap the top of them on the timeline.  Haven't tried it with two videos yet.


      That's it for now.  Making slow but good headway.  Any feedback would be appreciated.