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    CS4 Underlining???


      I'm currently using CS4 to creat a world/wide stamp catalogue for the Polar Regions.  My nephew created my original doc. & I'm still finding my way thru the doc. as it stands...


      All my country listings are underlined with a bold, solid black line that goes all across the page.  I'm trying to find a way to duplicate this solid line but looking into the "Underlining Menue" isn't helping.


      How do I create a new solid line for each new country listing with/out distrubing the current contents???

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          The Solid black line underneath the country listings is the "Paragraph rules" ,I think of ...... check the paragraph style applied on the country name and check its settings , you might have the "Paragraph rules" ON ..


          To create the new solid line , "Underline" is a good option but it will not extend all across the page , it will be just below the text.


          Also you may have to change the settings of the "Underline" from the Paragraph style "Underline options" as your Underline and Rule below line can overlap and you may not get desired result.


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