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    need help combining clips




      I am experimenting with some new gear from Kessler and I am trying to create a single clip from an identical scene that was shot 3 times. I moved about differently in each clip, and wanted to combine them. The scene was exactly repeated on a motorized dolly... I just want to be able to see my different actions within each segment appear as one final video...


      I thought (as a newbie trying the trial version) that I could simply operate keyframing and drag the line down in each segment where the background was duplicated, and bring up the yellow line to where each of the "three Ray's (me) entered the frame, thereby creating the final movement and action....


      I have blindly tried using opacity to no avail... and I have not been able to see any video tutorials.. only stuff about layers and such... nothing directly relating to my situation....


      Need assistance..


      Thanks so much,



      Miami Beach