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    Photoshop Layers to Fireworks Layers

    chirp88 Level 1

      So I just downloaded Fireworks CS6. I have not used Fireworks in a few years, but I was hoping integration with Photoshop was much smoother by now.

      I have a PSD with a background and about 50 text layers that I want to open in Fireworks so that I can export each layer individually along with the background and use save for web compression. Sadly, Photoshop does not allow either of those things in its export layers to files script.


      However, when I open my PSD in Fireworks, the layers do not come in as layers, they come in as SUBlayers. This is quite baffling to me. Why on earth would Adobe program such nonsense? If I open a PSD in Fireworks why would I want Photoshop layer to EVER be brought in as sublayers unless I actually put them in a layer group in Photoshop?


      So then I looked for an option in Fireworks to make all sublayers into individual layers, but I could see no way of doing this. Can anyone please help me figure this out.

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          chirp88 Level 1

          Hmm, so it appears you can't even export layers with the same background in Fireworks without a lot of work?

          I REALLY miss ImageReady

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            groove25 Level 4

            I can understand your missing ImageReady; that seems to be a thread that pops up with some regularity.


            But I've got a tip for you: Be sure that everything in your original Photoshop file is grouped. Period. If anything is not in a group, then assign it to one. If you do this, the file will open in Fireworks as a series of layers instead of as a series of sublayers.


            Keep in mind a few key differences between Photoshop and Fireworks. Photoshop uses a "layer" model where "groups" (i.e., folders) are optional; Fireworks uses an "object" model where "layers" (i.e., folders) are required. If you have no groups in your Photoshop document, it'll import into a single default layer in Fireworks. Add a few groups to your Photoshop document, but leave a few things ungrouped, and Fireworks will still require a layer to contain those ungrouped items, hence the introduction of sublayers to accomodate the existing groups.

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