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    verify calibration





      i am using the i1display to try and calibrate my 30" cinema display.



      i am using all standard settings:



      CCFL monitor

      (tried both D65 and Native white points)

      native contrast

      used the largest patch set provided with the software.



      after calibrating it as if it's not perfect.



      than i ran a delta E check with the i1profiler and got poor results.



      (i'm attaching the results page)



      i understood that a reasonable average  delta e should be under 1.5-2



      need help

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          You cannot attach any file to your posts.


          You can embed an image in your post by using the camera icon in the Reply Bar Editor through the forum's web interface:




          Sorry, I have no experience with CCFL monitors, so I wouldn't presume to comment on the ΔE values for LEDs or LCDs. 


          I'm spoiled by the ΔE values I've been getting with my ancient but scrupulously maintained and regularly calibrated CRT monitors.  Here are some old screen shots:



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            Gernot Hoffmann Level 3

            The corrections by calibration (using look-up-tables, LUTs) should be

            very small.

            One has to adjust the monitor manually very near to the desired profile.

            The rest is done by the calibration system (which should offer guidance

            how to pre-adjust manually).

            That's the final LUT adjustment (very little deviation from the straight line):




            Actually the result for an old LaCie CRT monitor (my communication

            computer), from 2008, still valid today for practical purposes...


            Screenshots shouldn't be published as JPG but as GIF or PNG-8.


            Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

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              Gernot Hoffmann wrote:


              …Screenshots shouldn't be published as JPG but as GIF or PNG-8…





              I have no problem with that, I'm just curious to know the reason for that recommendation.  Is PNG quality better than JPEG in these forums?


              Let's see:


              PNG Calibration_Picture_27_and_28_combined.png PNG



              JPEG  Calibration_Picture_27_and_28_combined.jpg    JPEG

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                Donnerwetter, Sie haben völlig Recht! 


                Will use PNG in the future, sorry.