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    Transitioning from FrameScript to ExtendScript..


      We have been using FrameScript (ElmStudio Version 4.1) extensively for PDF creation, clearing change bars, setting conditional text and all with FM 7. We have a pretty comfortable setup with almost everything automated with the help of FrameScripts and batch scripts for our set of books (over 10 Products).


      As we are thinking to move on to FM 10, i want to know how easy or difficult it would be to port the entire setup to ExtendScript base or should we stick to framescript. How to proceed or estimate the effort involved? Can somebody plz provide me some pointers. My scripting exposure is limited to FrameScripts.

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          Michael Müller-Hillebrand Level 4



          Sooner or later you will learn ExtendScript as well – but if you have a working solution it is far more effective to keep using FrameScript. If you already have FrameScript 5.x the upgrade to FM10 won’t cost you anything as the license covers this version as well. Otherwise it is less than $100…


          For scripts that just deal with FrameMaker internals the migration in many cases is rather easy, but there are some cases where you have to think like an FDK developer.


          - Michael