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    Why does my new RAID card hurt performance?

    RFDPiper Level 1

      I recently installed an Areca 1882ix-12 card in my computer, and now it's slower than ever.  Do I have a setting wrong?  Specifically it seems to be eating up all my RAM which was never a problem before.


      My computer:

      Asus Sabertooth X58 mobo

      24GB DDR3 RAM

      Nvidia Quadro 4000 GPU

      Intel i7 990X CPU


      Before the new RAID card I was running two 300GB Velociraptors in RAID 0 (mobo RAID) as my "everything" drive.  I had the OS, programs, files, renders, everything.  I learned on this forum that that is a terrible set-up, but it performed well and never gave me any problems.


      Then I got the new Areca card, now I'm running a single WD Caviar Black drive as my C:, two 300GB Velociraptors in RAID 0 as my media drive, and two 450GB Velociraptors in RAID 0 as my render drive (don't freak out, I regularly back everything up to a RAID 1 NAS).


      Since the upgrade, my programs freeze up and crash far more frequently, and and I constantly get warnings that my computer is low on memory.  This never happened before.


      Any suggestions?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Since you used to have a single volume for 'everything', did you change any Windows settings in the new installation? Things like:


          • Turning off indexing and compression on all of your volumes.
          • Removing Hyberfil.sys and turning hybernation off.
          • Moving your static pagefile to the smaller raid0.
          • Changing environment variables to point to the smaller raid0.
          • Have you turned off unneeded services following the BlackViper list.


          and in PR did you change the media cache and preview location to one of the raids.