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    Product Configurator

    jefflemon Level 1
      Hi, Im trying to develop something like this:


      But im a beginner so i'll be doing a simpler version, where should I start, the adobe tutorial doesnt explain alot
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          Ratsnackbar Level 2
          Actually your best option is to start with something a little simpler. You need to get used to the components and how they work together before you try something like that.

          If you are looking at building a product application then you might want to work through the book Adobe Flex 2 Training from the source. (Note: The version for flex 3 is due out soon.) The project you walk through while working through the book is a Store Front and Product Configuration system. A Simple one but it at least walks you through it step by step and you can get better ideas as you go. (Just make sure to write those better ideas down as you go.)

          Another good book (but longer) would be Professional Adobe Flex 3.

          If you intend to use Flex with ColdFusion (And I suggest you do.) you will want to get the first two books from the ColdFusion 8 Web Applications Construction Kit.

          Weill Hell while I am at it. If you are needing to learn a database I suggest Ben Forta's MySQL Crash Course as an intro to MySQL. With that and the CF8 Wack you can easily work on the server side to support your Front end in Flex.

          Happy Coding. Hope that's not too much.