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    Skin part not being added until component is clicked on?


      Hey guys,


      I'm having an issue where a VScrollBar skin part of a custom ListSkin isn't being added to the scene/stage until the component is clicked on. It was previously working fine and i've managed to remove something when cleaning stuff up that's made it exhibit this behaviour.


      I've tried using a custom list with a [SkinPart(required="true)] metadata tag but it had no effect, i'm almost totally sure it isn't an issue with the skin itself and more to do with something higher up where it's being included in a layout or something along those lines.


      I'm really struggling to work out what I changed, from testing I can reference the scrollbar and change its visibility (with no effect until it's clicked on), so if anyone has any idea what's happening and any suggestions at all of things to try even if you don't think they'll work, that would be awesome.