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    really superimpose video, not just blend




      Another newbie question but one that I have tried to research, and experiment with, only having partial success..


      Here is the scene:


      I am doing a motorized dolly shot of a sofa... slowly panning right -to-left with the sofa mainly in-frame. Here I come and sit down on the right side of the sofa.... a few seconds goes by and I again come along and sit in the middle... me #1 then leaves... a few seconds later, towards the end of the pan.... me #3 comes in and sits down on the left side of the sofa...


      My question:


      Is it at all possible to have me #'s 1-3 in the frames (or at least 2 of me) at the same time, WITHOUT looking like a ghost? Since my background is identical I thought that would be possible... OR, would I have to make a fourth dolly move without anything happening and somehow superimpose ME on top of that??? I am sure this must  have been done before, but all I get is layering, opacity, masking... and none of these things is what I need...


      Any help?





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          Are you simply overlaying the footage on top of each other, or are you placing each of the 3 videos on different tracks and cropping them to include only 'you' in the frame?   By this I mean that (say) Track one is cropped to show only the left third, track 2 to show only the middle third and track 3 the right third.  Obviously you need to crop them so that they 'meet' and don't leave holes.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.


            Well, basically this is just an experiment, but ideally, no, the dolly move lasts about 30 seconds and I was dreaming that I could actually overlay all the tracks on top of each other and have all of me's-- or at least two of me--sitting down, walking around, interacting, whatever, at the same time. The start points are not identical but it is easy to line up the dolly move perfectly with the Kessler motorized slider... The best I could do, so far, is that I drag the yellow line down (on the timeline) using opacity, to ghost one of me out a bit, and the next me comes in ghostlike too... Well, I assure you I am not a ghost!!!


            any thoughts? I am using trial version of premiere pro 6




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              The ghosting is there because you are overlaying.   Try cropping (say) the left side and see how it works ...... since the dolly moves are the same and you can align them then you don't need to have the part of the footage showing when you aren't sat there.  

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                To directly answer, sorry... I DO have the tracks separate on the timeline.... so I could line up the footage properly, and yes I am working on them in different video tracks (as I understood that is the way it is done?)


                I did try to put one on top of the other, but the one I placed was the only one that was showing in the upper right window.... My thought is that this cannot be done (as in one of me crossing in front of the other) and I think I understand now what your question was... I see.... Yes, I get what you are saying, in that I COULD have 'me' in each third of the final clip, but I could NOT have one of me crossing in front of me. I did that, but again, both of me had some kind of ghost-action goin' on...



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                  Ah, if you are moving in front of each other then you are getting to the point you need to learn how to rotoscope - better done in after effects.

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                    Rotoscope... One of those words I have heard but have not clue-one about. By the end of the day, I will!! It's just that I am launching a small film production company here and doing a few city promo's and 2 mini-documentaries on 2 interesting individuals (one, an old, British inventor and the other a younger guy who explodes metal and uses the resultant pieces to create really cool art).... and I thought this might be a nice effect (used very sparingly, mind you)...


                    I think I have enough on my plate without the need to learn rotoscoping right now, but I will surely look into it.


                    Thanks so much for your help!



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