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    .launchBrowser()  issues

    DBarranca Level 4


      from the EB documentation:


      // For CS5.x targets, use asynchronous method in deprecated CSXSInterface

      var result:SyncRequestResult = CSInterface.getInstance().launchBrowser("http://www.adobe.com");

      if(SyncRequestResult.COMPLETE == result.status) {    

      trace("A browser window has been successfully open"); }


      // For CS6 targets, use the synchronous method in CSInterface



      I'm having problems on Photoshop CS6, namely:


      1. The latter, CSInterface.instance.launchBrowser() is undefined, the method doesn't exists.


      2. In the documentation the former, I guess, should be CSXSInterface.getInstance().launchBrowser() and not CSInterface. Anyway, if I try (besides the warnings about the deprecated code) I can't make the browser to launch since the result.status is equal to PlugPlugRequestDenied (what's that?!)


      3. Since the two ways suggested in the documentation don't work, I've tried with:

      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);

      try {


      }                      catch(error:Error) {

        trace("navigateToURL Error");


      and this finally did the job.

      Besides this .launchBrowser() discrepancy, I've found (and reported in the forum) some issues with the EncryptedLocalStore - it looks like the EB 2.0 documentation is rather optimistic, while in the real world things don't work as expected...