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    Indesign CS5 won't print specific pages within document


      I'm working on Indesign CS5. The issue is with a specific document, and just started happening on version 11. All previous versions of the file have printed with no problems. I have so far determined that it is a document level problem as I can print other documents in Indesign with no issues. I have also determined which pages are giving me an error message: I can print all but one spread of this 16-page document. For example, it will print pages 1-9 and 12-16, but will not print 10-11. It gives it a try, and then gives me an error message box that just reads "error: " with no code or explaination. Any one else out there experienced this or know what's going on? There's no overset text, unlinked graphics or missing fonts, if that helps. Also, I'm working on a mac.

      Edit: I have also already tried different print settings, and repasting everything into a new document that I created.