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    "Navigation to the web page was cancelled" error

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      I read the posting from july 2009 about MS security not allowing opening CHM file from network, however, this occurred from a local (c:\) directory.on a windows 7 machine How could this occur when opening the file on a local machine?


      Here's what i did.

      1. published to chm
      2. uploaded the chm file to sharepoint
      3. a collegue downloaded the file from sharepoint to his local machine running windows 7
      4. he opened the CHM and the right side frame posted the message "navigation to the web page was cancelled"
      5. I downloaded the same file from sharepoint to my local desktop and it opened fine.
      6. I gave him the file on a thumbdrive and he copied it to his desktop. it opened fine.

      Was this just a gremlin hick-up?

      What is a possible explanation? Security settings?