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    How do I deploy a SWF instead of a WAR from my FDS app?

      Hi everyone. I know this question is probably pretty basic to most of you. But I have been searching around the web trying to understand how to deploy my FDS application as a .swf file instead of as a .war. You see, I want my Flex app to be embedded into a broader HTML web page. All my other flex projects have been non-FDS apps, so compiling the project as a .swf file has been quite easy.

      I am currently using Flex 3 Beta 3 with the Eclipse plug-in. So far, all I have been able to do is to deploy my app as a .war, which has worked succesfully. I have also been able to setup my JBoss to build-my-app-on-the-fly when I visit localhost/app.mxml in my browser. While I have found many how-to's on the web about Flex Data Services, I have not seemed to find anything that allows me to simply create a .swf of my app.

      Am I not able to do this in the Flex Builder Eclipse Plug-in? Must it be done from the commandline? Or is there something broader I am missing? Please feel free to point me to a resource you may have found somewhere else on the web that was helpful.

      Thanks in advance,