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    how to convert to 1 color black from rgb black


      I have a very large document [more than 500 pages]  created from a variety of legacy indesign and pagemaker files. I have assmemled various chapters into 1 book and exported that to pdf.

      teh pritner jsut came back to me with a request to change to 1 color black instead of RGB and CMYK. The document is  black and white only - there is no color. Some text is gray  and some is  reversed out as white.

      From scouring the forums - I understand that  it has somethign to do with transparency blend space- have set that to cmyk.

      Also, I have found that in Acrobat 10 - using -tools - print production - convert colors - and choosing a greyscale for conversion profile should do the trick.

      Is there no way to ensure creating teh correct output  in inDesign? no global export option?

      I am using CS 5.5 in Windows 7