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    Refreshing visual elements

    GrendelDeveloper Level 1

      Hello all.  I've got a few different issues where a refresh in visual elements would cure things - I just don't know how to go about doing this.  Here are two situations I'm working with:


      1 - I've got a few lists stacked on each other contained within a scroller (see code below).  However, SOMETIMES the lists leave blank spaces at the end of the list before the next list header starts.  This can instantly be fixed by changing the orientation of the phone.  Once you do, the visuals seem to refresh and everything looks fine.


      I'm assuming I need to simply "refresh" the visual elements after I build everything, but I'm not sure how. 


          <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%"



              <!-- required b/c the scroller can only handle one component -->

              <s:Group width="100%" height="100%" >

                  <s:layout >

                      <s:VerticalLayout gap="0" />



                  <!-- communication -->

                  <components:BBWHeaderSubAddComp label="Communication" handleFunction="newCommItemPop"/>

                  <components:BBWListComp dataProvider="{commItems}" width="100%"



                  <!-- addresses -->

                  <components:BBWHeaderSubAddComp label="Addresses"/>

                  <components:BBWListComp dataProvider="{household.addresses}" width="100%"



      2 - I'm working with popup containers to allow the users to quickly enter info in a few areas.  However, I've noticed that when a popup is active, if you change orientation the popup retains it's original XY, width, height, etc.  What is the recommended best practice for dealing with this?


      Thanks for all the help!