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    Mass Mail

      Hello Everyone,

      Im currently developing a Mass Mail application to send HTML match alerts to 100,000+ users. The mail that is sent is fairly large up to 80 - 90 kb and during testing I am seeing results of 5 seconds per mail (based on 2500 mails sent). A query is executed before each <cfmail> (within a loop) to get the current members appropriate matches (this query only takes 100ms).

      I have only ever really sent text based email to this many users before so I am wondering if the results i'm getting are normal?

      If i was to send 100,000 emails it would take nearly 140 hours for all the emails to send.

      What is the typical duration you would expect to send 100,000 HTML mails (80 kb)? Is the only way to spped this process up to limit the mail to 40 kb?

      If anyone has any relevant information please reply!