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    Screen size and Premiere Pro

    Mr. Kasa

      So, I use to use Premiere Pro when I worked mostly from a desk top. I switch to PE when I got a laptop. Well, I am thinking of getting PPro again. My laptop has enough RAM and processor speed and all that - BUT it has a 13.5 inch screen. (I travel alot and need/prefer a small laptop).


      Here is the question. If I go back to PPro am I going to go nuts trying to use it on such a small screen? PE works pretty well on the laptop, it's not too squished together. But PPro has so many more features and windows.


      Anyone have any experience editing with PPro on a 13.5in screen (resolution 1366x768)? I could use some of the xtra features of PPro but if it is too difficult to work with on my screen I just as well stay with PE. (FYI: I contacted Adobe and they said PPro will work fine on my laptop... just condenced into a small space.)


      Thanks in advance for the feedback.