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    Customizing CQ5.5 Login Page

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      We are trying to customize the CQ5.5 Login page.  We've copied the /libs/cq/core/components/login to /apps/cq/core/components/login and have made a few changes to the stylesheet & images as a test.


      The problem is CQ is routing to the /libs/ folder when a visitor lands of http://cqdomain:port instead of the copied apps version.  This works as expected for the "Welcome" page - but login it isn't.  Even if I explicitly enter /apps/ into the address bar - CQ re-directs me back to /libs.


      Is there something else I'm supposed to do besides coping the folders to get this to work properly?



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          If you trace the net calls, it looks like /system/sling/logout (org.apache.sling.auth.core.impl.LogoutServlet) is the last stop before getting sent to the actual CQ login page. It looks like it contains an explicit JS redirect to the /libs/cq/core/components/login path, which I assume is why none of the usual component resolution (libs/apps) is getting applied.


          However, take a look at the Day CQ Login Selector Authentication Handler (com.day.cq.auth.impl.LoginSelectorHandler). There is a configuration option there (auth.loginselector.defaultloginpage) that looks like it could be used to change the path used for this redirect, though I haven't tried it out yet.

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            Thanks, that worked perfectly.