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    Displaying application in meeting room


      I have a meeting room with an application share pod that takes up 90% of the meeting room from left to right with three pods residing in the remaining 10% of the Meeting room on the right side of my screen.  I want to display a brainstroming application in the application sharepod so that I can collaborate on a project with my participants.


      If I share my desktop with the application sized to fill MY application share pod in my meeting room, and instruct my participants to click on full screen, they can see my entire desktop including the three pods on the right.  However, these pods reside on MY DESKTOP and the participants three pods are hidden under the full screen.  While the participants Application share pod is in full screen mode they do not have access to the three pods on the right on their computers


      If they do not click full screen, My ENTIRE desktop screen fills their application share pod (with wasted grey space around the application window that is being shared).


      How can I share the entire sharepod and just the sharepod with the application fully displayed in my sharepod AND in my participants meeting room share pod without requiring my attendees to full screen their share pod and thereby lose access to the three sharepods on the right side of the meeting room?