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    TOC Book Problem - RoboHelp 8 - WebHelp Pro

    blmjohnson Level 1

      Hello, I'm having a problem in a generated build of help to RoboServer 8.  TOC books are linking to the previous page of the toc book above that particular book and this rings true throughout the TOC.  I didn't add any links and just wanted to books to be just that books and when you click the book the subtopics within that book should display.  Anyone have this problem and what can I do?  I see that I can link the book to a particular page, but don't really want that.  Any suggestions to correct this problem quickly.  We just had a release of our product over the weekend and this is causing quite a stir.  Thanks, Lana


      6-25-2012 7-09-20 PM toc book issue.png