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    Relink Doc Freezes ID CS 6

    rudytheelder Level 1

      I have been working with some large Word docs, turning them into books via InDesign.  For each project, I use the Place command to put my Word text into a new InDesign doc.  InDesign seems to insist on inserting the text as with a link back to the Word doc.


      The idea is supposedly that if I change the Word doc, then I can relink, and the InDesign doc will be updated as to the text content, although possibly some formatting may need to be redone.


      But when I change my Word doc and attempt to relink, InDesign always. always, always freezes up.  I need to go to task manager to do a hard shut-down on ID and restart it. 


      I have seen other discussions of this problem where the issue might have been some graphic content, but I get this problem even on files with no graphics in them at all.


      Really anything I try and do with the Link menu freezes up ID.  If I try, for instance, to "unlink" the Word Doc, ID freezes.  If I alter the Word Doc while ID is closed, then reopen ID, it notices that the Doc has changed, offeres to relink...and then freezes. 


      In effect the only possible work flow is to treat my linked Word doc as some archival source code that never changes.  And any changes I make need to be made twice, first in the ID document and secondly, for possible future purposes, in a separate Word doc that I try and keep in synch with the ID doc.  One might argue that there's no reason to maintain an up-to-date Word doc, but it seems like a good practice to me in terms of redundancy.


      I wish I COULD edit the "source code" word doc and have the changes pecolate over to the ID doc via a relink command.  But, as I'm saying, I am unable to make this work.


      Any suggestions?