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    InDesign CS6 will only run "as administrator"

    JWH-NIRC Level 1

      I have Windows 7 on a 32-bit computer. I can only start InDesign CS6 if I "run as administrator." The first problem is that it doesn't remember things like "recently viewed" when the computer is shut down and restarted.

        The more serious problem is that the Help doesn't work at all. It just sits there or, if I hunt around, it tells me I have no internet connection.

         If I open normally, it gets to the startup page and then says that the program has failed and will be shut down. All files are up to date.

        I installed it on a second 32-bit computer (my laptop) and got the same results.

         I have no way of knowing if this is related or not, but I cannot "drag" a file onto the open area in InDesign. A circle shows up as a pointer and nothing happens.