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    The floater will not be shown

    David_Powers Level 7

      Sometimes after you uninstall a Dreamweaver extension, you see a message that a file can't be found in the Configuration/Floaters directory. "The floater will not be shown." This is caused by Dreamweaver failing to remove an entry for the extension panel from your workspace file.


      Assuming that you haven't created a custom workspace that includes the extension panel, the simple way to solve the problem is to open the Workspace menu, and select Reset Classic (or whatever the name of your workspace is). Alternatively, select Window > Workspace Layout > Reset (workspace name). The next time you open Dreamweaver, the message about the float should not appear.


      If that doesn't fix the problem, you need to edit one or more files in your personal configuration folder.


      1. Locate your personal configuration folder (how to find it) in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.
      2. Inside the folder is another called Workspace, which contains XML files named after the workspaces you have configured.
      3. Open each XML file in a text editor (or Dreamweaver), and delete the <panelframe> element that contains an ID similar to the name of the extension you uninstalled. The following example comes from the Convert to RGBA extension:


        <panelframe dock="floating" height="500" width="100" x="30" y="30">
          <panelcontainer expanded="true" height="180" visible="false">
            <panel height="180" id="ConvertToRGBA" unconstrainedheight="180" unconstrainedwidth="212" width="212"/>


      After deleting the <panelframe> element(s) for the extension you uninstalled, the problem should go away.