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    Finally! Problem solved

    enzoconti Level 1

      I posted many months ago about the very poor performance of InDesign5 on my new i7 mac and tried every possible fix I could find to no avail. Everything from endless phone calls to Mac and Adobe support, trying new User Accounts, every possible Preferences setting and nothing could fix it's sluggish performance.

      I have now discovered, with the help of my IT professional, that the problem is WORKSPACES! I work off two screens, one for my Indesign doc open to full DPS and the other to hold all my paletts like Links, pages, Para styles etc. I have as many as 20 different palletes open at one time for easy access to whatever function I may need, it seems that Indesign can't cope and instantly slows up! When I revert to a default setting like Essentials, it immediately improves.

      If you have a similar work habit in inDesign, I would urge you to try this fix, I would love to hear if anyone has the same experience.