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    Premiere Pro 5.03 on PC - Consistent Crashing.

    flbreen Level 1

      I am editing MXF files from my Canon XF300 and within 15 minutes of editing Pr always crashes.


      Error displayed on the screen when the crash occurs:




      Pr runs poorly with this video.

      I cannot use fast forward whitout the audio skipping and jerking to be totally useless.

      Playing at regular speed after 10 seconds the video becomes jerky.

      This sequence has 2 MXF video tracks stacked on top of each other.

      If I have just 1 video track it runs much better.

      With the system crashing all the time I am in the habbit of with every small edit tha I make.

      After many adjustments last year I was able to get a good mark in Harm's bench test.

      Since then I edited SD only.

      I will try the test again to see if something has changed.

      The sequence that I am using is: Canon XF MPEG2 720p60.

      Please make suggestions.





      Asus P6 SE                                                      



      Intel i7 930 CPU


      12Gig Ram                                                     

      Crucial 1066


      Graphics Card

      EVGA GeForce GTX480