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    Sony XDCAM EX 1920x1080i PAL problem?

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      In CS6.0.1 premiere pro I have dropped frames too like othour forum users.
      Working with XDCAM EX files  1920x1080 I  Pal ALSO!!
      The file is not corrupted. VLC media player plays it perfect. The file previews and renders out corrupted with dropped frames of render artifacts.

      Strange things is: when I scrub a video and see a strange artifact on a frame i pause the scrubbing and after one second the frame is good again. So the bad frame with artifacts changes to a good looking frame after a second.
      Have a very powerfull system:
      Intell 3730k 12core, GTX570, 32GB ram, super fast raid drives


      With CS 5.5 i had no problems.


      Can Adobe help?
      Or how can I provide Adobe information to solve this problem?


      Problem looks like XDCAM EX files 1920 x 1080 i PAL are not workring perfectly.