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    Add multiple unknown attachments

    StefaanVanMieghem Level 1

      I have been trying to create a process to add multiple document level attachments (images), count and filenames unknown at design time.


      Any examples?


      I am at the point where I have a loop through the list of documents (attachments), setting the current attachment and its filename in a variable, then calling AssemblerService.invokeDDX for each.


      The DDX validation tells me "process:///process_data/@currentFilename" is not a valid filename.

      I have tried with listOfFilenames[/process_data/currentIndex], even process:///process_data/listOfFilenames[1]. All fail to validate.


      I'm not sure the FileAttachments source gets the correct value either.


      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">

        <PDF result="pdfOut" format="PDF">

          <PDF source="pdfIn"/>

          <FileAttachments source="process:///process_data/@currentAtt">

            <File filename="process:///process_data/@currentFilename"/>



        <?ddx-source-hint name="pdfIn"?>



      Using Livecycle Workbench v9.5.

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          StefaanVanMieghem Level 1

          Just in case anyone reads this post looking for a solution:


          The DDX validation is crap, just as there is no javascript validation in the designer.

          Ignore the validation error and the DDX should run as advertised in the documentation.


          My expertise is Java development.

          After a lot of trial and error, I now avoid workbench processes completely and use the Java API (AssemblerServiceClient, ReaderExtensionsServiceClient, etc).

          This allows much easier runtime generated DDX, exception handling, transaction handling, deployment and maintenance.


          Too bad you still need a Livecycle server to execute these atomic PDF operations.

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            workflowuser Adobe Employee


            So you want to add  x number of attachments to a documents using assembler.

            This can be done by using the DDX. Can you please send me your process lca to

            Mergeandfuse@ gmail.com

            I will fix your problems and send it back to you