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    Basic Question About Flash Pro CS5

    LaciG Level 1

      I apologize to ask my question here but I couldn't find a Flash Forum so basic where my question would fit. I am editing my AVCHD home movies in CS5 and was trying to add some animation with Flash. After two days of hard work, I managed to create an SWF file with a motion tween that I could add to PrPro: The SWF is a map on which a ship (vector graphic) moves from one harbor to the next. (I managed to size, edit the motion, etc.) So far is good. I am stuck at the next step: I would like to move the ship to the next harbor after it stays at the present one for a few seconds but I can't manage this. I can add a new timeline and a new motion tween but the ship will not be exactly at the same location where it finished the previous journey. I am sure there must be a simple solution. Also, I would have some more (very primitive) questions that I would post in the appropriate Flash Forum (if I find it). Sorry for the long post, and would appreciate any help. Laci.