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    Can I try e-commerce without paying for a year's subscription?

    HippieBoy Chris Level 1

      Hello. I'm so new to Business Catalyst that I don't even know what questions to ask... Any help would be appreciated!


      I designed a customer's site in Muse, giddy with glee that I can finally, FINALLY handle e-commerce sites. I'd heard that all a person has to do is design the site, upload it to Business Catalyst, install a "module," and viola! Done! Great - I have a Creative Cloud subscription, so I get five sites hosted free. This sounds perfect!


      But... I published my site to BC, and I see no way to install the "module." I fear I may have to purchase an additional plan to get the e-commerce doohicky? I'm not sure I want to pay $420 for a year's access to the e-commerce part just yet - I'd really kinda like my customer's approval on the site first, and he's not gonna do that unless he can see how things will work.


      Is there a way to do a "trial run" with e-commerce before going live and having to pay the $420 a year? I'd really like to see how it all works and give my customer a chance to see a test page before committing that kind of money... Is that possible?