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    make new document from current state?




      I'm looking for an option to create a new document from the current state.


      Just Like in PS at the bottom of the history panel theres that little button which when you click on it immediately recreates the current document as a new, unsaved document.


      If there is no such functionality, could someone make one as a command, please?


      Thanks a million!



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          groove25 Level 4

          Fireworks' built-in Export options are pretty robust and include a "States to Files" option. Not sure about exporting just a single state, though. But there may be command for it somewhere. I'd definitely check John Dunning's and Aaron Beall's sites. Maybe also Matt Stow's or even Senocular (the latter would be pretty old and would refer to Frames instead of States, if it existed).


          FOLLOW-UP: Actually, it looks like the "States to Files" option only exports flattened images, so that's probably not what you're looking for. "Pages to Files" offers the option to export a Fireworks PNG, but States does not, I guess.

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Why not just open a new document window, and then copy and paste the state you want to save into it?

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              rockscientist01 Level 1

              ... because it takes longer...


              I wrote an email to Mr. John Dunnig with a humble inquiry to write such a command.

              To my surprise I got an answer within a couple of minutes with the command attached.


              Again, thank you Mr. Dunning! http://cauz.de/gif/hat1.gif


              Here is the command, I just hope it is ok to post it???

              (Please respect the copyright!)




              /* ===========================================================================


                  Open Copy of Document.jsf


                  Copyright 2012 John Dunning.  All rights reserved.




                 ======================================================================== */



              // ===========================================================================

              try { (function() {

                  var dom    = fw.getDocumentDOM();


                  if (!dom || !dom.filePathForSave) {

                      alert("This command must be run on a saved document.");




                  fw.openDocument(dom.filePathForSave, true, false);

              })(); } catch (exception) {

                  if (exception.lineNumber) {

                      alert([exception, exception.lineNumber, exception.fileName].join("\n"));

                  } else {

                      throw exception;