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    Can't Open Another File; Can't Exit

    DavidSalahi Level 1

      Since installing CS6 I'm unable to open a second Premiere Pro project. When I try nothing happens. I.e., I already have one project open and then I go to File -> Open Recent Project and then select one of my recent projects. The same thing happens if I use File -> Open and then pick a project in the Project Open dialog. When this happens I also am unable to close the current project or even exit from Premiere Pro. The only way to exit the app is to kill it with Windows Task Manager.


      If I then try to open the recent project that I previously was unable to open then it works fine. But I'm stuck again as far as opening any other projects or even quitting the app. Curiously, if I want to continue working on the same file Premiere Pro seems to continue working OK.


      What's going on here? Is there a fix?


      David Salahi

      Windows 7 x64, system drive is SSD (worked fine with CS5)

      Premire Pro 6.0.1 (014 (MC:264587)); checked for updates, none available

      12 GB RM

      lots of free disk space on every drive