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    What does this error mean?

    Hindsight_Productions Level 1

      I applied warp stabilizer to several short clips in a sequence, and then attempted to export it to a MPEG-2 Blu Ray preset.  I got the blue screen of death.  When I rebooted, and entered this project I got several messages in sequence (probably the same message for each clip I applied warp stabilizer) saying PPro had entered an error and listing this:




      I could click through these messages and PPro finished loading the project.  I exported again, but put it in the que and closed PPro before running Adobe Media Encoder.  It appears to have created the MPEG-2 file without a problem.


      Why did this happen and what can I do to avoid this error, and recover my sequence?


      Sequence is approx 28 minutes long, but the six clips are each 10-20 seconds.  Canon mts files 1080p (1920 by 1080)