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    Making a Selection around Multiple Layers

    WidmarkRob Level 1

      Before I start looking for work on transforming PSD's into working websites, I would like to learn some of the functions and features of Photoshop Creative Suite 5.1



      I recently learned:

      Ctrl + Win + Click on Desired Layer… To make a selection around the layer



      Then I clicked on, "Refine Edge"… I was able to make a perfect selection around what I wanted using this feature.

      Very nice, by the way.






      There were multiple layers, I merged the visible ones to make one layer.

      All of the stuff that makes up the banner, at the top of the page.


      My question is:


      Can I make a selection around multiple layers, i.e. buttons, other pictures, etc.?!



      Side note question:

      Does the document size have any effect on the overall size?

      Meaning: let's say that banner up top is 775 pixels across & maybe about 450 pixels tall… That's about the size of the image (the selected layer).


      The document size is laying on, is also 775 pixels across… But, 950 pixels tall…


      Will that document size have any effect on load time for a webpage?