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    Help importing vector shapes from Illustrator (cs6)




      I'm having some trouble importing shapes from illustrator into firworks while retaining the objects correct dimensions.  For instance, if I create a 55 px circle in Illustrator with an inside stroke, and copy + paste that shape into Fireworks, it's dimensions jump up to 57 px, with very faint anti-aliased pixels on 2 sides.


      Is there any way to guarantee that a shape will retain its dimensions when pasted from illustrator?



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          groove25 Level 4

          That's interesting. When I tried copying and pasting a 55px circle with an inside stroke into Fireworks, I got a group of two objects: one path (54px) for the fill, and a composite path (55px) for the stroke. The appearance and total size was maintained at 55px, but the structure of the object was a bit convoluted, compared to the Illustrator version.


          Meanwhile, a simple circle with a center-aligned stroke maintained its basic structure when copied and pasted into Fireworks. So the alignment of the stroke may play a role here.


          I looked in Preferences for both Illustrator and Fireworks but didn't see anything in regards to this.

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