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    RoboHelp 9 EclipseHelpWithIndex.jsx script Error


      Hi All,


      In the past, I was able to use the EclipseHelpWithIndex.jsx script with the modification:


      function AddTopic(tNode)


           var keyName = tNode.attribute(NAME);

           var url = tNode.attribute(URL);


           var keyXML = XML(String("<entry keyword=\"" + keyName + "\"/>"));

           var topicXML = XML(String("<topic href=\"" + url + "\"/>"));



           return keyXML;



      But I have since changed from a Windows XP to a Windows 7 system.  I am running Robohelp 9 as Administrator.  When I run this script now, I see an error:


      undefined is not an object Line 181, Column 1.


      Line 181 is:



      Any thoughts as to why this is happening?