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    RH7: Corrupted Special Characters in TOC, Glossary, Favorites, etc.

      When I generate a .chm from a Japanese, Polish, Russian or Chinese RoboHelp 7 HTML Help, the special characters are corrupted on the .chm file’s Contents, Search, Favorites, and Glossary tabs as well in the HTML Help window's title bar.

      For instance the Russian topic title “Использование приложения” is shown approximately as “Éñïîëücîâàíèå ïdéëîæåíèèÿ” on the TOC tab, making it useless for navigation purposes.

      The fonts were initially also corrupted on the TOC inside the RH7 project itself until I added charset=UTF-8 info in the head/meta of the hhc files. However, there's still no joy when I generate HTML Help output.

      I found a reference to someone with a similar problem with a RH7 Web help project where the solution was to add UTF-8 BOM to the very beginning of the files. Have tried adding UTF-8 BOM to the hhc or xpj files, using both Notepad and Dreamweaver, but with no result. Someone also recommended the installation of the required language packs – I tried, but again without improvement.

      Have you experienced something similar and found a solution, please share your knowledge with me.