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    Custom font for TabNavigator


      I'm relatively new to Flex and have a problem using a custom TTF font for tab titles.

      My Style definition in my MXML application looks like this:
      @font-face {
      font-family: MyFont;

      font-family: MyFont;

      Now, I can use this font in a Label: <mx:Label styleName="MyFont" text="Embedded fonts rock!"/>
      This works fine.

      However, I was not able to use my font in a mx:TabNavigator component for the tab titles.
      Here's the code I'm using:

      <mx:TabNavigator styleName="MyFont" id="tn">
      <mx:VBox id="vb1" label="First Tab" styleName="MyFont">
      <mx:Label styleName="MyFont" text="Embedded fonts rock!" width="100%"/>


      The problem is, that the text "First Text" has the default font - not my custom one. Any ideas about this?