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    PLEASE HELP--Rendering only captures center of composition!


      Hi, I'm new to After Effects.  I am trying to render a 10-sec, multi-layered 3D text logo, to import into Final Cut Pro Express.  After that, it will go to YouTube.   Everything looks great in Preview.  But when I render it, all I get is a gigantic, oversized closeup of whatever is in the center of the composition's screen!  I have rendered a different multi-layered composition and it came out normal. So I don't think it's the Preferences.  Details:  AE CS5.5 on Mac 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).  Using an older 2007 version Mac Pro 8-core, with 12GB RAM.  Composition contains 3D and 2D animated text, and still jpeg photos.  No error messages.  All content shows up on the preview screen.  But, when rendered, the screen is zoomed in to the middle of the composition.  There are no third party codecs or effects.  Have tried Open GL both off, and on.  Same result.  Tried different resolutions of rendering, etc.  No luck.  Please, does anyone have a solution?  Thanks in advance.