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    Indesign XML with multiple Graphics and text template


      We are trying to create an indesign template tagged to an XML file. The template contains images and text and the content has fixed representation on the page. Each page has the following layout.


      Header 1Header 2
      Image 1 - imageTopLeftUrl Text 1 :- HandBookDescription
      Image 2 - imagebottomLeftUrlImage 3 :- imageBottomRightUrl
      Image logo :- imagelogoUrl Text 2


      The XML Data EG Below. In the table above I have incorperated the XML tag.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Listing><Profile><CompanyName>ABC Company</CompanyName><Address1>32 XXX Rd</Address1><Address2 /><Address3 /><State>ABC                           </State><City>MyCity</City><Postcode>2222</Postcode><Phone>02 99999999</Phone><fax>02 99999999</fax><Email>info@abc.com</Email><Web>www.abc.com.au</Web><HandBookDescription>This is my description</HandBookDescription><PocketDescription>This is my pocket Description</PocketDescription><PocketImageUrl href="file://PocketPlanner/206084.jpg" /><imageTopLeftUrl href="file://HandbookImage/206085.jpg" /><imagebottomLeftUrl href="file://HandbookImage/211377.jpg" /><imageBottomRightUrl href="file://HandbookImage/211378.jpg" /><imagelogoUrl href="file://HandbookImage/206087.jpg" /><FontColourWhite>No</FontColourWhite><BackgroundColour /><Stand>5003</Stand></Profile></Listing>


      We are able to get Text 1 to extract from XML and flow through the pages, Put cannot get the Images to mimic the same behaviour. Any assisstance will be appriciated.