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    Tips for large INDD and AI files to PDF


      I am currently in the final process of finishing a 50 ft wide mural by 10 ft tall. I am having a problem saving out the file as a PDF. The INDD file is 1 GB in size. I have 12 GB of RAM and running Adobe CS5. The file stalls out at 25% almost every time. I had success saving an EPS version, but can't seem to open it in any programs. I have 12 AI files ranging up to 35 MB in size that I have also converted to PDFs but still cant get a PDF file out of it.


      Here are a couple questions:

      - Is there a file size limit INDD can handle?

      - Is there a better file format to link in INDD?

      -What is the best way to flatten artwork in AI while keeping the quality and resolution?