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    crossdomain problem - observation

    camfieldaj Level 1
      I had a project in production for several months when sysadmin decided to move apache to separate server than MySQL. Of course, I wasn't consulted until after things quit working. Changed paths in php files that serve data to swf and it didn't work. Got the crossdomain error. Verified that php files were pulling data out of tables, but swf could not display. Made all the suggested changes to crossdomain.xml file; no help. Then I found that flex project worked correctly when I used Firefox, but generated an error when I used IE6. I believe that this issue has to do at least in part with some problem IE6 has with SSL. The way I eventually solved my problem was by moving swfs back to the same server that serves MySQL. Now application works with IE6 and Firefox.
      Hope this helps someone.
      Andy C.(never #)