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    Disk Defragment Windows 7 - Non SSD Drives

    Kinhoikhun Level 1

      I am wrapping up my new build and am having problems operating the Windows 7 disk defragmentation.  I have a Samsung 830 SSD boot drive, RAID 0 using 2 WD Velociraptors (scratch) and a 2gb Hitachi Drive (storage) using an Asus P9X79 pro motherboard.  Using Samsung Magician software I disabled defrag for the SSD.  Now I cannot access windows 7 disk degragment menus in control panel to either manually defrag the spinner drives or set up an automatic defrag time for the non ssd drives.  I believe the ability to defrag the non SSD drives is important for performance.  Is there anything that I can do to enable Windows 7 disk defragment for the non-SSD drives?  Should I consider a third party disk defrag?